A man has worked for the same company for 84 years

It was 1938 that Walter Orthman began working for ReneauxView in Brazil, and a lot has happened since then. But after so many years he’s still working with the same company, and as a result, he has been immortalised in the Guinness Book of World Records as the person who has worked the longest for the same firm throughout the course of his career. Even if we are living longer lives and the beginning of retirement is becoming farther distant, it will be difficult to top this achievement.

 According to Guinness World Records, Orthmann, who was born on April 19, 1922, in the small Brazilian town of Brusque, wanted to find a job when he was 15  so that he could help his family with their financial issues.

Because of his grasp of the German language, he was engaged as a dispatch assistant for the textile business Industrias Renaux SA on the 17th of January 1938. A short time later, his skills were rewarded and he was elevated to the role of sales manager, which he is still doing now.



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