Agent Provocateur, their first shop is still in Soho

Now Agent Provocateur has stores in 13 different countries and one in Milan too, but the Soho store was the first to open way back in 1994. It had been open since Joseph Ferdinand Corre son of art of Vivienne Westwood and Malcolm McLaren and his then wife Serena Rees. Serena Rees and Corrè divorced and she remarried Paul Simonon bassist of The Clash. They sold the Agent Provocateur brand when they divorced.

They wanted to open a lingerie store that would stock colorful and trendy lingerie. In fact, it immediately made headlines and was very successful. Indeed it is indulgent and decadent, in addition to underwear you will also find perfume, heels and the sexiest nylon stockings ever seen. All this without being porn or offensive.

If you can’t go to London, or in the other cities where you find their shops, you can too buy from the site.

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