Amersham, a Tudor town that you can reach by London Underground


There are many villages of Tudor origin in England, some are well preserved, others due to fires or town planning decisions little remains. But not everyone knows that one of the best preserved in England can be reached by London Underground. 

This is Amersham Old Town in Buckinghamshire that  you can reach with the Metropolitan Line. Once there you can turn left and go down the hill following the Station Road and the signs.

The Old Town sits along the Misbourne River (sometimes barely visible) and has many interesting historic buildings. The local family was called Drake and for this reason you will be able to see Sir Walter Drake’s Market Hall and you will find many objects dedicated to the Drake family in St Mary’s church.

The whole main street has lovely cottages and little houses with many colourful flowers perfect for Instagram and you won’t feel like you’ve just stepped off the London Underground. However, there is no shortage of antique shops, old historic pubs offering food and several restaurants. However, you will not find your usual high street shops.


Amersham also has a museum which is located on the main road but if you are there, also try to enter the church which has beautiful stained-glass windows. If the weather is nice you can also take a stroll along the river or explore the hills surrounding Amersham. From here you can also walk (or bus) to Chalfort St Giles.

The reason why old Amersham is located below the hill and the new part or Amersham-on-the-hill is located above the hill is that when the railway was to be built in 1800 the Drake family did not want the train to come close to their properties. Therefore they created a new Amersham for the railway station and the new inhabitants.

This is a perfect day trip to relax , generally you won’t even find many tourists. Not everyone is aware of this little secret.









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