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Arbor Low, the small Stonehenge in Derbyshire

Everyone knows Stonehenge but fewer people will know Arbor Low which is located in the Peak District in Derbyshire. The boulders here are nothing like those of Stonehenge, but Arbor Low forms a perfect circle in a beautiful countryside area.

Once the boulders used to stand but now they are all on the ground, in any case the place has something magical about it. The boulders are about 50 and surround what appears to be a larger boulder that probably formed a primitive chamber. This feature is found only in the most important Neolithic archaeological sites and therefore suggests that Arbor Low was a very important place at the time.

arbor low

Nearby is a tumulus from the Bronze Age, as often happens in these Neolithic sites nearby there are always tombs. The mound is located on Gib Hill. Although Arbor Low is normally referred to as the Stonehenge of the North or the Stonehenge of the Peak District it’s more similar to Avebury, another important Neolithic site.

The good news is that you can visit it and admission is also free. It is managed by English Heritage.

How to get to Arbor Low?

Getting there without your own vehicle is a bit messy but with a bit of planning it’sfeasible. In most cases you will still be in the area and include Arbor Low on a visit to the Peak District. In any case you must first reach Derby where you can take bus number 114 to Ashbourne.

Get off at the market square and take bus number 441 to Buxton. Get off at The Rake and you will have to walk about a mile to get to the Neolithic circle.

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