Belgrave and Eaton Hall in Cheshire

Belgrave in Cheshire? No Belgrave or rather Belgravia is located in London , everyone knows. Actually Belgrave in Cheshire gave the name to neighborhood of Belgravia in London, although it is actually a very small place.

Both properties are owned by the Duke of Westminster, Britain’s wealthiest landowner, whose family home, Eaton Hall, is located on the River Dee a couple of miles west of the village of Belgrave.

Eaton Hall is still the country residence of the Duke of Westminster, is surrounded by formal gardens, parks, farmland and woodlands. The estate covers approximately 4. 400 hectares.

There are also parks and deer woods, as well as formal gardens from the late 1800 century of about 20 hectares.

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The Grosvenors, the family of the Duke, were well established in Cheshire in 576, but it was the acquisition of a large estate west of London which brought them enormous wealth.

With the Westward expansion of London during 1700 And 1800, their holding a Rural time developed into elegant squares and wide boulevards, many with names that reflected the Duke’s ties to Cheshire: Eaton Square, Eccleston Square, Grosvenor Place and Chester Row.

Eaton Hall of the Grosvenors near Chester suffered greatly when it was occupied by the military during WWII and afterwards it was demolished and replaced by a more modest reinforced concrete structure, which obviously not everyone likes. The house is not open to the public, but its gardens are open occasionally.

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