Brixton O2 Academy faces permanent closure

Brixton O2 Academy could be forced to close indefinitely after two people died in a crowd at an Asake concert in December according to London paper The Evening Standard. The Metropolitan Police have asked Lambeth Council to fully revoke the license of the venue’s operator, Academy Music Group (AMG), as they have been unsuccessful in identifying the corrective measures needed to safely reopen.

Events leading to the closure of the Brixton O2 Academy

In December 2022, Brixton O2 Academy hosted an Asake concert which attracted capacity crowds. During the concert, a crush occurred which claimed the lives of Gabrielle Hutchinson, a 23-year-old security worker, and Rebecca Ikumelo, a 33-year-old mother of two. A third person was seriously injured.

Following these tragic events, AMG saw its license suspended for at least three months until adequate safety measures were implemented. However, the Metropolitan Police have urged Lambeth Borough to revoke the AMG’s license entirely, as they have been unsuccessful in identifying the necessary remedial measures.

The Academy Music Group (AMG) is an operator of  event venues across the UK. The company was founded in 2008 and operates 23 locations across the country. AMG specializes in live entertainment, concerts, theatrical events and parties.

Lambeth Council and event security

Lambeth Council has a responsibility to ensure that events within its territory are safe for all attendees. This means that Council must carefully review the licenses of venue and venue operators to ensure they are adequately equipped to handle large crowds.

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