Clarendon Cross, the mini village in central London that you may not know

Clarendon Cross is a small intersection just west of Notting Hill Gate and before Westfield and not far from Holland Park. Julie’s Restaurant And Bar, a favorite of generations of famous people.

 Clarendon Cross began life as a service village in the early 1600 when there is they were a dairy, a newsagent, a candy shop and a grocer. But in the years’ 70, the artistic bourgeoisie began to arrive in the area and the shops took on a more avant-garde character.

Gentrification took hold over the next twenty years and Clarendon Cross became a magnet for the wealthiest of London , who were looking for an attractive central location for their families. The mini village is now dominated by boutiques specializing in homewares and is a must-see destination for exclusive interior designers and people who are passionate about something.

Now you can still find independent and original shops, if you like chocolate try Melt London . Sara Fenwick opened Myriad Antique and almost 60 years later the shop still exists and is quite unique. here was also the phenomenal Virginia which was a thrift shop of class opened by Virginia Bates in 1964. At 6 Clarendon Cross there is still the Temple Gallery , a place of wonders from around the world.

Other places not to be missed besides the historical one Julie’s Restaurant found The Cross And Summerill & Bishop .

Address: Clarendon Cross, Kensington London W 11 4LQ
How to get there: Holland Park Station on the Central Line

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