Clun Castle, what to see and how to get there

Clun Castle may be found in the community of the same name in the county of Shropshire in the United Kingdom. The remains of Clun Castle, which was formerly the seat of power for the Fitzalan dynasty and is located in the valley of the Clun River, have dominated the landscape of the town of Clun for many years.

There is hardly much left of Clun castle, but the ruins that are there are situated in a particularly attractive valley. At the very least, certain portions of the castle date to the time of the Norman invasion. It formerly belonged to England, and it was invaded by Welsh soldiers on several occasions; in fact, we are in close proximity to the boundary.

Now managed by English Heritage admission is free although you will have to climb a steep road to get there.

Another thing to visit in Clun is St George’s Church with an interesting pyramid shaped roof from the 1600’s. north of the church.

Clun Town Hall houses a small museum of local history and folklore in what was once a prison. Around 700 people live in Clun, it won’t take you long to see everything, but the village is in an area of ​​great natural beauty and you can indulge in some wholesome rural walks.

If you want to visit the surrounding area, include Bury Ditches housing a large Iron Age fort. Ok, relatively little of the latter still remains but you can glimpse the structure.


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