Coca Cola opens first store in Europe at Covent Garden

Coca Cola has storefronts in the United States, but this one in London’s Covent Garden, which just opened, is the company’s first in Europe. It will initially only be open till September in order to determine whether or not the concept is viable. If the customer’s experience is favourable, the business will become a permanent location.

Merchandise and non-alcoholic drinks or mocktails, all made with Coca Cola, are available at the shop in an attempt to market the Coca Cola experience.

While names that are significant to the West End, like as TopShop and Debenhams, have been absent for years, this new opening follows the trend we are witnessing in the area. Instead, there are stores for companies that have never before been seen in the area, such as IKEA or Nike, as well as Coca Cola, which has recently opened.



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