Coloured hair heaven in Soho


Perhaps you will know Bleach a brand dedicated to hair colouring. It’s a real rainbow of colours for those who don’t want to have boring hair.

Bleach, founded by Alex Brownsell, is the place to go in Soho to get your hair coloured in the newest trend. Anything from stunning highlights to never-before-seen colour tinting is done here. Try this site if you want to stand out.

The salon currently showcases Bleach’s beauty line, which includes eyeshadows, contouring powders, lip kits, and other cosmetics. Yet, you will not discover only traditional items; some of the hues are simply daring.

You may go to a salon and get it corrected, or you can buy the supplies and do it yourself. If you don’t have time to visit Soho, you may order anything online.


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