At Covent Garden a dream shop for those who love cosmetics

You may stop by Charlotte Tilbury’s shop in Covent Garden the next time you’re in the neighbourhood.
Charlotte thinks that everyone has the right to appear and feel their best attractive version of themselves on a daily basis, and that this is possible via the use of cosmetics. Today, Charlotte’s cosmetics and skin care products firm, Charlotte’s Beauty, continues to push the frontiers of innovation. Charlotte Tilbury has collaborated with a number of notable beauties, including Kate Moss, Demi Moore, Penelope Cruz, and Keira Knightley, but she also welcomes everyday ladies into her salon and store. Charlotte has established herself as a truly creative and original thinker throughout the course of her many years in the industry.

She reshaped the worldwide beauty market by translating her knowledge into simple, easy-to-use revolutionary cosmetic methods and products that are both inexpensive and simple to obtain globally.

Charlotte Tilbury’s store is divided into two sections. The lower level has Art Deco style mirrors and a makeup room, while the upper level contains the shopping area, which is brimming with a diverse selection of merchandise.

Its best-selling products, Charlotte’s 10 classic looks, the skincare line and, of course, a broad selection of lip colours are all organised in a convenient manner in each booth. Every one of these characteristics is in keeping with Charlotte’s concept of a quick and delightful shopping experience.

The walls are covered with numerous magazine covers and picture sessions that Charlotte has been involved with throughout the years. Throughout the store, you will find trinkets, treasures, and anything else that is art deco in style and visually appealing.

If you can’t go there, you can always take a look at the website . Another shop is located in Westfield of White City and inside Selfridges ad Oxford Street.



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