Dhulikhel in Nepal, a place of temples and high peaks

Among the many bases that you can choose from to admire the Himalayas, Dhulikhel is an excellent choice for the simple reason that it is not just a tourist place but a town of 16,000 inhabitants with its own life.

And what temples!

One of the biggest advantages of this town is that it is well connected to Kathmandu, in fact you will find buses from Ratna Park that arrive here in about two hours. The biggest problem with this area is that following the 2015 earthquake there are fewer places to sleep and fewer tourists. For some it may be an advantage, for others perhaps not, but in any case it must be kept in mind.

Many also stop here to go to Namobuddha, a Buddhist temple, a stupa, and a peaceful place found only three hours’ walk from here. You can still look at the peaks of the Himalayas from here, among the many you will see Gauri Shankar, Melingtze and Langtang Lirung, all peaks that exceed 7000 meters.

Shanti Ban

On the way to Namobuddha you will pass by an intersection with the road that takes you to the temple of Kali, located next to a stream and obviously very picturesque. The temple is located on top of a hill and to get there you will have to pass by the Shanti Ban, a huge golden statue of Buddha.

Before the Kali temple you will also see a Shiva temple dedicated to Ganesh which is located near a stream. Not far from here you will also find the Kailashnath Mahadev statue representing Shiva and which at 43.5 meters should still be the tallest statue in the world. Coppery in color and with two cobras, an excellent opportunity to take a very special selfie.

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