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Discovering the benefits and properties of astragalus

The astragalus plant has been used in traditional Chinese medicine for centuries. The extract from its roots is marketed as a treatment for many different diseases and conditions, but the evidence backing up these claims is not conclusive.

Astragalus is a leguminous plant of oriental origin, widespread in all temperate areas of the northern hemisphere.

Widely used in China (under the name of huang qi) it also appears to contain an active ingredient, the astragaloside , which is being studied for its potential to fight cancer.

The therapeutic virtues of astragalus were known and exploited from antiquity both in European medical art and in traditional medicine Chinese, in which it was recognized as a plant which has been traditionally used for more than two thousand years due to its efficacy to combat fatigue, enhance immunity, improve blood circulation, act on the liver and kidneys.

Astragalus roots are the richest part of the active ingredients : isoflavones, polysaccharides and flavonoids. These substances have anti-inflammatory properties and can apparently stimulate the immune system. They are effective for treating seasonal respiratory diseases, such as the flu and colds. Allegedly.

It is said that Astragalus can help to maintain telomeres, the pieces of DNA that are found at the end of chromosomes. They are used to protect them from deterioration or fusion with neighbouring chromosomes. DNA degradation may be slowed down to some extent due to this plant’s ability to benefit cellular health.

One research study showed that astragalus has the potential to slow the aging process. Two of its main compounds are believed to promote cell growth, metabolism and longevity.

For all these benefits there is no final evidence, although this plant has been used for thousand of years. It might cause side effects such as dizziness and above all can interfere with other drugs, therefore if you are following any course of tyreatment, first talk to your doctor before you try this plant.

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