Ecology exhibition at the Barbican in London

Until  August 29th you can see this important and innovative exhibition on our planet and ecology entitled Our Time on Earth. Tickets cost £ 18 and you can find them here.

We are part of a remarkable ecological community. One species among millions, all vying for survival in a world teetering on the brink of ecological collapse.

It is a critical link that we cannot afford to break at this time. It is time to take a fresh look at the natural world, which includes our own.

Participate in the revolutionary exploration of radical ideas about how we live. Traditional wisdom and digital innovation come together to find better ways to fuel life, business, and creativity. People write books in the future. You can learn about how art, science, activism, and other cultures have evolved.

Consider yourself in a restaurant with people of a different species. I’m travelling because I work in a city that has been overrun by nature, and you have to cross a root bridge. Spend some time completely immersed in the wonderful underground world. Caroline Till and Kate Franklin’s interactive gallery installations show new ways to address the climate crisis. Connect with the environment in ways you’ve never done before. The exhibition aims to comprehend how to create new ecologies capable of responding to the climate emergency in unprecedented ways. It is intended to be a space for experimentation, exploration, and discovery.

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