Egg London: Kings Cross' electronic dance music venue

Are you a lover of electronic dance music? If yes, then Egg London is the perfect place for you to visit. Located in Kings Cross, North London, Egg London is a popular nightclub that has become famous for its techno and house music. But that’s not all – today, the club presents a variety of electronic dance music. Let’s explore this must-visit venue for all electronic dance music enthusiasts.

Electronic dance music has been an essential part of the clubbing scene for decades now, and Egg London has established itself as one of the top electronic dance music venues in London. The club is not only popular for its music but also for its impressive design, various rooms, and relaxation areas. This article will take you on a tour of Egg London, providing you with all the necessary information about the club.

Egg London’s Design

Egg London’s design is as impressive as its music. The venue’s design is not luxurious, but it is still a welcoming and friendly place, perfect for spending an evening with friends. The club is divided into three levels and five rooms, including the Basement, the Main Room, the Terrace, the Loft, and Cell 200. Each room has its unique style and vibe, creating a diverse experience for club-goers.

Times and Prices

Egg London is open from Friday evening until Sunday. Drink prices are not cheap, but that goes for many other venues of this type. There are some promotions that offer free admission before 11 pm, so be sure to check the venue’s website for the latest details.

Ballroom and Relaxation Areas

Egg London offers many different rooms, each with its own unique style and many places to sit and relax. In addition, the club has a heated garden where smokers can congregate, as smoking is not permitted inside.

The Turnout

Although the club is not easily accessible and does not attract many people passing through, Egg London is very popular with those who appreciate electronic dance music. However, if you’re a man looking for female company, you might be a little disappointed: there are more men than women, and often a long line of men forms in front of the few women present.

Location and How to Get There

Egg London is located at 5-13 Vale Royal, London N7 9AP, between Camden Town and Kings Cross station. The location of the nightclub is not the most comfortable, but it is easily accessible by subway or taxi.

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