Eskdale in Cumbria; what you can do and see in this valley

In the Lake District of Cumbria may be found a glacial valley known as Eskdale. Although there are just approximately 300 individuals who call that valley home, it is often considered to be among the most beautiful in the whole national park.

The Lake District is one of the most stunning places in the world, but since so many people are familiar with it, it can get rather congested during peak travel times. If you are seeking for natural beauty, the opportunity to wander between hills and mountains without having to jostle is probably for you in Eskdale because it is less crowded than other valleys. Eskdale has the benefit of being less busy than other valleys.

In contrast to several of the other valleys in the Lake District, this one does not have its own lake; nonetheless, the River Esk may be found in this area. On the other side, it is home to Scafell Pike, which is the tallest mountain in all of England.

Be careful when strolling and hiking in this region, as Scafell Pike has an elevation of less than 1000 metres and is not as tall as Mont Blanc. Extremely rapid changes in the weather, including the potential for hazardous dense fog and precipitation, are expected. On the other hand, this is a very well-known ascent that may be accomplished physically by climbing or by following a trail.

As well as Scafell Pike there is no shortage of walks, you can see a list of them here trails to do along the river or list of mountain paths.

If you don’t want to climb anything in the valley you will also find three villages (Boot, Eskdale Green and Ravenglass), the Muncaster Castle, various mills and farms, shops and craft workshops. Among the mills it is worth visiting Eskdale Mill.

There are several traditional tavernas for eating and drinking but remember that you are in a valley and the choice is relatively limited.

How to get to Eskdale in Cumbria?

It can be reached via Hardknot Pass from Ambleside, via a road full of twists and turns. To get there you will also have to pass by a old roman fort which you can visit for free.

You can also take the train, the famous one Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway it stops precisely at Eskdale Green and from here you can reach the rest of the valley.

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