Exhibition by François-Xavier and Claude Lalanne

The renowned Italian choreographer Manfredi della Gherardesca curated the exhibition at the Les Lalanne Collection, which features more than one hundred works and is open to the public at no cost. The exhibition features some of the most well-known works to have been created to this day in addition to a large number of fantastical animals, such as a mystical menagerie at Ben Brown Fine Arts and the new Claridge’s ArtSpace. There will be a selection from the Louisa Guinness Gallery collection over the years, featuring works by both famous artists Les Lalanne and Claude, and will be on display in two different locations.


This surreal exhibition is free and continues until July 29th.

The most recent exhibition of pieces by Les Lalanne to be held in Versailles was a resounding success. We are extremely fortunate to be able to view such a large number of sculptures, as they are an excellent representation of the gallery’s overall collection.

Della Gherardesca is a designer who creates works that have an almost transcendental effect by combining the aesthetics of heaven with the natural beauty of the world. This exhibition showcases his talent and shows how his work blurs the line between reality and dream by creating a whimsical place that is in playful balance between contrasting elements.

The exhibition highlights a wide variety of works by each participating artist, showcasing their individual styles across a wide range of mediums. Claude’s fancy gingko tables and chairs, mirrors decorated with flora, galvanic copper and bronze candelabra are some of the highlights of this collection.

The captivating quality of Les Lalanne’s books is due, in large part, to the author’s whimsical illustrations. They make a world of imagination and wonder out of the natural world. Their work consistently features surrealist undertones and blurs the boundaries between functional design, high art, and decorative arts. Their work exemplifies classic beauty and sophisticated wit.


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