Free interactive art installation in Tottenham Court Road

The Outernet, located within walking distance of Tottenham Court Road tube station, hosts an extraordinary and interactive art installation called “The Spaces In-Between”. This incredible project was created by immersive experience studio Pixel Artworks in collaboration with visual light artist Rupert Newman. The Spaces In-Between welcomes visitors into a unique digital world, reacting to the movements of their bodies and providing an unprecedented viewing experience on the largest digital canvas ever created.

Description of The Spaces In-Between

The Spaces In-Between consists of three individual works of art that capture the imagination and transport visitors to extraordinary worlds.

Tessellations: Exploring the Beauty of Natural Motifs

The first work, called “Tessellations”, explores the beauty of natural motifs through a fascinating digital representation. Visitors will be immersed in a journey through a myriad of harmoniously repeating shapes and structures, creating a unique digital natural world. This captivating artwork showcases the intricacies and patterns found in nature, offering a mesmerizing experience that engages both the mind and the senses.

Transcendence: A Journey Through Time and Dimensions

The second work, called “Transcendence”, offers a transport experience through the digital realm. Visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in a different dimension, where time seems to fade and realities overlap. Through a captivating play of lights, colors, and movements, “Transcendence” creates a magical and hypnotizing atmosphere that transports viewers to a realm beyond imagination.

A Step Beyond: Exploring the Boundaries of Digital Art

Finally, “A Step Beyond”, the third artwork, features geometric shapes that develop and transform in a constant flow. This unique visual depiction captures the essence of abstract forms and offers a fascinating perspective on the endless possibilities of digital art. It challenges traditional perceptions of art and invites visitors to explore the boundaries of creativity and innovation.

Interactivity and Reaction to Body Movements

What makes The Spaces In-Between so amazing is its interactivity. The installation reacts to visitors’ body movements, creating an immersive and personalized experience for everyone. Every step, every gesture, results in a change in the digital display, resulting in an ever-evolving work of art.

The largest digital canvas in the world houses The Spaces In-Between display. This massive screen provides an ideal platform for the display of interactive artworks. With its unprecedented size, the display allows visitors to fully immerse themselves in the digital art and experience total engagement with the work.

Viewing Times and Accessibility

The Spaces In-Between art installation is free and open to the public during select hours. During weekdays, viewing hours are 12:00-14:00, 17:00-19:00, and 20:00-22:00. On Saturdays, viewing times are 12:00-18:00 and 20:00-22:00. It is advisable to check the opening hours before your visit to ensure the availability of the installation.

The Outernet, where the installation is located, is easily accessible due to its location near Tottenham Court Road tube station. This makes The Spaces In-Between easily accessible for visitors from different parts of the city.

Experience the Unforgettable at The Outernet

The Spaces In-Between is a groundbreaking art installation that pushes the boundaries of traditional art forms. Its unique blend of interactivity, stunning visuals, and immersive experiences captivates audiences of all ages and backgrounds. Visitors are transported to extraordinary digital worlds, where imagination knows no bounds.

Whether you’re an art enthusiast, a technology lover, or simply someone seeking an extraordinary experience, The Spaces In-Between at The Outernet promises to leave you in awe. Witness the power of digital art as it comes to life and interacts with your very presence.

Plan your visit to The Outernet and immerse yourself in “The Spaces In-Between.” Explore the mesmerizing Tessellations, transcend time and dimensions with Transcendence, and venture into the limitless possibilities of abstract art with A Step Beyond.

Remember, The Spaces In-Between is open during specific hours, so plan accordingly to make the most of your visit. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this incredible digital art experience.

Step into the extraordinary world of The Spaces In-Between at The Outernet near Tottenham Court Road tube station and witness the magic unfold before your eyes!

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