Guided walk to discover the secrets of the City

Everyone should know that the City of London is the old centre of London and between skyscrapers and financial institutions hides many secrets that tourists and even Londoners often do not know. You can participate in this walk led by an expert guide that takes you to discover the narrow streets and courtyards of the Cities that you never imagined existed. The walk takes place every Sunday from 13 and you can book here . Costs £ 15 per person.

This walk takes you on an alternative journey through London’s past to discover the history they don’t teach you in school. Get ready for a visit to two occult-related sites and find out what kind of establishment the 1600 pushed women into the street in a mass protest.

You will travel back in time, seeing fragments of the Medieval and Roman London hidden from view e you will finish the tour in the most haunting memorial to the power of the Blitz.

On this tour, your guide will point out surprising details about the walls, above the buildings and next to the ancient churches that will unlock the explorer in you as we wander through alleys lost in time.


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