Have you ever been so drunk that you became Celine Dion?

It seems unbelievable but a guy called Thomas Dodd from Staffordshire, England was so drunk that he went online and officially changed his name by deed poll to Celine Dion.

He just had to fill out an application form and pay 120 pounds and his name was changed. He didn’t have a reason to do this other than the fact that he was completely drunk and was watching Celine Dion videos on YouTube.

Then he went to bed and completely forgot that he had taken such a drastic decision but after a few days he received the documents that proved the change of name from Thomas Dodd to Celine Dion.

He has decided to keep his new name anyway, at least for the moment if it doesn’t have too many downsides. It’s good at least that he wasn’t watching any Peppa Pig videos at the time!


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