Humorous caricatures by Thomas Rowlandson and G.M. Woodward

Thomas Rowlandson was a well known caricaturist of the Georgian era.  He specialised in caricatures of famous people and satires of the society at the time.  His friend and drinking companion was George Moutard Woodward who was also a well known satirist and caricaturist. They often worked together like in this case with Rowlandson doing the etching. 

Rowlandson was the most famous of the two, he studied at the Royal Academy and although he experienced periods of poverty, he was fairly well known in his lifetime. He died in 1827 and was buried in St Paul’s, the actors church in Covent Garden.

These caricatures are from a series called Country characters which Rowlandson created in 1799. There are 12 works in this series which now is in the Boston Public Library. Given the age of the prints, they are in the public domain.  Click on any image to enlarge it. 


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