Hyde Park Corner in London

You will surely have passed by Hyde Park Corner, a major roundabout at the northwest corner of Green Park and southeast of Hyde Park. This site, also known as Wellington Arch, was designed as a monument to the Duke of Wellington’s victory at Waterloo.

History of the architecture of Hyde Park Corner

The enormous Classical-style Constitution Arch, also known as Wellington Arch, was designed by Decimus Burton from 1825 to 1828 as a monument to the Duke of Wellington’s victory at Waterloo. The arch was originally located a little further north, but was moved here after causing a bottleneck at the traffic. The Duke of Wellington statue was removed from its plinth in 1883 and later installed in Aldershot. In 1912, the statue of the Goddess of Peace by Adrian Jones was installed on the roof, and it still stands there today.

Hyde Park Corner and traffic

Hyde Park Corner has always been a strategic location for road traffic. By 1825, traffic was already so heavy that the original arch caused a significant delay. In 1882, a streetlight was installed in the center of the intersection, which was initially lit by gas. In 1889, a second lamp post was installed and in 1907 traffic lights were installed. In 1935, synchronized traffic lights were installed, an innovation that would change traffic in London forever.

Hyde Park Corner Police

The arch contained a tiny police station, the second smallest in the capital. The main task of the policemen was to control traffic, and for this purpose they were equipped with a special control booth. In 1973, the police station was closed and today the arch is used as an exhibition space.

Today, Hyde Park Corner is a major traffic hub in London. In addition to the main roads, the area is home to numerous shops, restaurants and hotels. Many tourists visit the area to enjoy a stroll in nearby Green Park or Hyde Park. It is also located in Hyde Park Apsley Housethe old home of the Duke of Wellington, which contains a collection of paintings, but not everyone knows that they can visit it.


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