In Cornwall an alpaca that thinks is human

Tea is a six-month-old orphaned alpaca who lives with an 11-year-old boy named Caspar. Caspar’s grandparents have an alpaca farm, after little Tea was born she didn’t eat and didn’t grow up and one day Caspar’s grandfather found her malnourished on the ground.

Tea’s mother died the same day. Not knowing what to do, Caspar’s mother had Tea at home who immediately bonded with the boy. They immediately became close friends so much that now Tea often prefers to be with him and be pampered than to be with other alpacas.

They even have breakfast together at the kitchen table. But the story does not end here, in fact Caspar has started renting Tea for meetings on zoom. For £ 15 you can have Tea arriving at your meeting in zoom dressed up in some funny way. Five pounds of this goes to charity. You can see Caspar and Tea’s feat here on Facebook.

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