Incidents and Accidents in the Home and Outside

It seems to me that the possibility of an accident is always present, waiting sometimes literally to trip you up. The home, ideally a place of comfort and relaxation is a minefield of traps for the unwary and where most accidents happen.

The danger of standing on a low stool is one that should not be underestimated. Not much can happen to you standing a few feet off the ground, right? In fact, overreaching and overconfidence can be your undoing, leading to a twisted ankle or worse. Best to invest in a reliable non slip stool and watch your step!

The stairs of course are a potential pitfall. Losing your balance at the top can have disastrous results. I have managed to fall upstairs rather than down! Feeling unsteady, I projected myself forwards, hitting my head on the wall, resulting in an impressive black eye.

It was difficult to explain the circumstances, to those kind or curious enough to ask. I had made a split-second decision that it was better to fall forwards rather than backwards. Fortunately, no lasting harm was done to my vision from this experience.

Scalding is a serious matter, as I discovered as a child when I tipped boiling water from the stove, onto my toes. Years later, pouring boiling water into the sink, I failed to remove a soaked t shirt from my skin, quickly enough to prevent scalding.  The result was blisters again, the treatment of which, I was this time responsible. Foolishly I rubbed them, resulting not surprisingly, in several bleeding wounds on my stomach.

Feeling the need for outside assistance, I displayed these injuries to a pharmacist and inadvertently to some customers in a queue, to whom I apologised and accepted sympathy. The pharmacist did her best to look for suitable products for treatment, but in the end, I gave up and went to the Minor Injuries Unit.

A measurement was taken of the worst area, which although not huge, qualified as a serious scald, and required precautionary antibiotics, due to the location.  Happily, after several trips to the Unit for dressings, all was well and in time the scars faded.

The common factor in these incidents was that I was in a hurry. I would suggest that Hurry is a prerequisite for many accidents, inside and outside the home. The speed of life is such that we have little time to stand and stare, or even to take care.
Outside of the home, I managed to fall and break my arm, by tripping over a kerb, while speeding across the road. With both arms outstretched, clutching two carrier bags, I was briefly flying over the pavement, knowing that this was not going to end well. I was not surprised that I couldn’t stand up unaided. I was helped to my feet by two cab drivers, outside of whose office I had been hurrying. I was then kindly given a free ride to Accident and Emergency, by the cab company.
It turned out that the treatment for this type of fracture was not to set the arm in plaster, but to let it hang loosely secured, but freely by the side and on no account to rest it on a chair arm or table, or anything!  I opted for the conservative treatment of physiotherapy, rather than surgery, and in due course, this restored my arm to more or less its previous state, if somewhat weaker.
I share these experiences in the hope that readers will take their time while going about their daily business. Please do not hurry, watch out for other people who are in a hurry riding on the roads or footpaths, take care and above all Stay Safe!

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