John James Audobon exhibition in Edinburgh and free .pdf

This exhibit is based on John James Audobon’s book about American birds, which he illustrated. It should be noted that Audobon is not a particularly likeable character in today’s terms. First and foremost, he had made money from slavery, had killed the birds he drew, and had published false information. However, we must also consider man in the context of his time and appreciate his drawings; after all, many birds died to create them.

Meanwhile, the exhibition is on display at the National Museum of Scotland, located in the heart of Edinburgh, from February 12 to May 8, with tickets costing £ 10.

Between 1827 and 1838, John James Audobon published Birds of America, which contained 435 life-size watercolours reproduced from hand-engraved plates. Due to its enormous size (it reaches nearly one metre in height), only a few complete versions exist today. The exhibit includes a beautiful hardcover copy of Birds of America, 46 original unbound prints, rare books, letters, ephemera, and taxidermy specimens that demonstrate the accuracy of the drawings. Scope for its accurate life-size drawings of North American birds and depiction of many now extinct species, Birds of America is one of the most celebrated natural history books.

You can also download the .pdf copy of the famous book with its wonderful illustrations .

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