Kimai opens its first store in London

Kimai, a fine jewellery business that is digitally native that sells lab-grown diamonds, has established its first brick-and-mortar store in London.

The shop location can be found at 24 Chiltern Street in London, and it sells a selection of jewellery made by Kimai, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings, all of which are crafted from recycled 18-karat gold and lab-grown diamonds that can be tracked back to their source.

Kimai also adds that it will use the store to help educate its customers on the process of how a lab-grown diamond is made, how it can avoid the devastating environmental and social impacts inherent with mining, and highlight the fact that mined and lab-grown diamonds are chemically and physically identical. Kimai plans to use the store to help educate its customers on how a lab-grown diamond is made.

Kimai was one of the first fine jewellery manufacturers to provide digital consultations, something that the brand notes saw an increase in demand for during the pandemic. Kimai’s bespoke jewellery and engagement rings continue to make up a significant portion of the company’s overall sales. The new store enables the jewellery brand to give an intimate and engaging experience for custom clients and anyone who are interested in learning more about fine jewellery.

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