Lemon essential oil for internal use, is it okay to swallow it?

Many ask if lemon essential oil can be used internally and if it is toxic. There are those on the net who recommend recipes that include essential oils and say that an essential oil of any kind can be safely ingested if of good quality. Unfortunately, there are several problems with this statement.

First of all essential oils are not regulated, so the quality depends a lot from producer to producer and there is no body that controls the quality and eliminates from the market the oils that do not reach the minimum level. The market is totally unregulated and there are always risks as essential oils are meant for external use only.

Lemon essential oil internal use = not a good idea

Even the best essential oils have never passed the tests and certifications to be approved as food. For the production of essential oils, solvents can be used or machinery could be contaminated. There are no laws that oblige manufacturers to follow the rules of hygiene and safety and therefore do not be surprised if they do not have suitable products and systems. Even when they say that an essential oil is 100% pure, they always think about external use.

In short, don’t listen to anyone who tells you that lemon essential oil for internal use is fine, it is not something to recommend. Furthermore, essential oils are very strong, they are very concentrated, ingesting an essential oil should only be done if checked by an expert and not taken  at home without proper knowledge.

In any case, if you want certain benefits of lemon essential oil, just eat a normal lemon including the peel. There are no reasons to ingest this product, you will have no particular benefit from ingesting it. Be careful to use it before going out in the sun, in fact it is a photosensitive product, it makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

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