London City Airport is the first airport to drop a rule that travellers hate

The 100-milliliter liquid limit for carry-on luggage has been lifted for the first time in the United Kingdom at London City Airport. Because of this wonderful new discovery, vacationers no longer need to stress about whether or not they may bring liquids in their carry-on bags.

Just in time for Easter, the East London transportation hub is making travel even more convenient by exempting passengers from the necessity to purchase tickets. Towards the end of March, more modern CT scanners, which are quite similar to those used in hospitals, will take the place of the older scanners now in use at the airport. Fantastic!

Bags carried by passengers are scanned in high quality 3D, which enables staff members to examine them from every angle. This gives a significant benefit in comparison to the traditional ways of examination.

The increase in the liquid allowance to two litres is quite helpful for travellers, as they are now able to bring huge bottles of sunscreen as well as plenty of liquids with them on their journey. Because to these new regulations, flying is now a far more relaxing and delightful experience.

The best way to get into the heart of the city from London City Airport is to take the tube, which will take you there in only 22 minutes. Everyone who wishes to travel to and from East London swiftly and in comfort may take advantage of this excellent option.

The airport is connected to a comprehensive network of local and European aircraft routes, in addition to a few international travel paths. Soon, the requirement that passengers stow all liquids in their carry-on bags will be removed from more airports in the UK.



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