London company will have the largest cannabis development site in the world

Eden Pharma Ltd., a company set up in London, has just completed the purchase of a 5,000-acre plot of land in Uganda. We have obtained the licence for this project through a joint venture, the objective of which is to conduct research into cannabis and its use. Uganda’s government has granted us the relevant permits needed in order to achieve that goal. In addition, it should be noted that this achievement will bring important improvements to Ugandan society and give value to their economy.

It’s anticipated that the centre will create a lot of important knowledge about cannabis and the business as a whole. This knowledge can be used to improve production, increase profit and potentially generate new markets for CBD and cannabis products.

According to a representative for the firm, “Eden Pharma has been given access to considerable development potential as a result of its participation in the joint venture in Uganda, which will help to ensure the success of the team’s years of labour. Eden Pharma will be a remarkable, vertically integrated company that consistently delivers for both its customers and the stakeholders it cares about.”

Eden Pharma’s latest endeavor involves building a community for the residents of the area. It will do wonders for the local employment market, give the economy a boost, and improve the overall quality of life. This village will have its own airport, as well as research labs, pharmacies, and other forms of essential infrastructure.

The project will add up to 3% on Uganda’s GDP, the company’s overarching goal is to have all local employees in three years time.


An Overview of the Company

Eden Pharma, the pharmaceutical company specialising in medical marijuana, was established in 2017. They are the largest weed grower in Europe and Africa. The Company is at the forefront of marijuana product development and is well-versed in cannabis cultivation and the various applications for its various products.

Eden Pharma is in the process of developing a customised, high-end brand for health and wellness goods, the majority of which will contain CBD or other holistic components. Today, the company offers a range of CBD products that have been recognised for awards and are designed to promote both mental and physical health and wellness.

Eden Pharma has been able to consolidate the efforts of cannabis research and development in one location. As a result, our cultivation site offers what is believed to be the most extensive collection in the world.The property has all necessary licences and spans a total area of 5000 acres.

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