London Theatre: Pretty Woman the musical

With the end of the lockdown scheduled for June 21, this new musical arrives straight from Broadway to London. Taken from the film of the same name, it will stay in London at least all summer. Tickets are on sale now and start at £ 18.

This musical is located at the Piccadilly Theatre, 16 Denman Street, London, W1D 7DY

Pretty Woman follows the story of Vivian, working on the streets of Sunset Boulevard, meets wealthy businessman Edward who hires her for the week to accompany him to various corporate events and social functions.

The two begin to be attracted but they are people who come from very different worlds. But despite the big differences, Edward doesn’t want to leave Vivian. But Vivian rejects Edward… The music for the musical was written by Bryan Adams.

Adams admitted that he didn’t watch the movie while he was writing songs because he didn’t want to be influenced by the movie, just by the story and how he could be on stage.

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