London's luxury kebab

This could be London’s only tasting menu without dishes. Or cutlery, for that matter. Kebab Queen, set in what appears to be a seedy takeaway in Covent Garden, was created by a young team of chefs who trained together with two Michelin stars Le Gavroche.

When you walk in, you’ll notice that the kitchen is a very modern space with lots of natural light and a single long table. The chefs appear relaxed and will serve you directly to the hot table.

You are encouraged to eat with your hands, as is customary with kebab ordered after the pub on Fridays. Dishes might include a risotto with doner umami or a smoked and grilled foie gras strip. The idea is to elevate kebab to never-before-seen heights, transforming street food into luxury and restaurant fare.

This restaurant is not cheap, but it is an experience that only one person can have.

The chain has four restaurants in London, but three are called Le Bab, while only the one in Nine Dials is a Kebab Queen as you can see from their website .

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