Monsaraz in Portugal, a small town with incredible views

Monsaraz in Portugal is located not far from the border with Spain and is a small town surrounded by walls and which has a very special atmosphere.

The area is also full of archaeological sites from the Neolithic period, if you are interested in prehistory around here you can indulge yourself and Monsaraz could be just one stage of an archaeological vacation. A few kilometers from Monsaraz is Cromeleque do Xerez, a stone circle which is in fact a square which was probably used for ceremonies to encourage fertility.

Only about 200 people and the village has only two streets: Rua de Santiago and Rua Direita. It won’t take you long to explore it all even if there are many craft shops, art galleries and restaurants that you can easily waste a lot of time. But one of the advantages of Monsaraz are its views of vineyards and countryside and of the largest artificial reservoir in Europe.

Don’t be surprised to learn that Montaraz has a castle, it dates back to the time of the Crusades and you can climb the Witches’ Tower for incredible views.

How to get to Monsaraz in Portugal?

If you do not have your own transport you will have to go to Évora where you will find a bus that reaches your destination in about half an hour. You have to be careful there are only 2 buses a day. If you want to stay there are several rooms for the night in Monsaraz.

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