Morlaix in France, medieval town with dreamlike houses

Just look at a couple of photos of Morlaix in France to immediately understand that it is a town to visit, especially for those who love old medieval houses. But not only that, it is also an excellent base for exploring Brittany and the coast bordering the English Channel and the Atlantic.

The thing you will notice right away is the incredible viaduct that dominates the city, it was built in 1861. The great thing is that you can go up (at least up to the first level) and walk above it while admiring the view, admission is also free.

There are also some of the old wooden houses that can be visited. One of the best known is the Maison dite de la Duchesse Anne which dates back to the 1400’s and is a real beauty built in the style of the area. La Maison a Pondalez is another beautiful house from the 1400’s, recently renovated city ​​museum.

The beauty of Morlaix is ​​also wandering aimlessly through its medieval alleys and discovering it this way. You will also find a lively market every Saturday and a port which is also home to several yachts.

You will have no problem finding food, go around the Rue Ange de Guernisac to find excellent restaurants, if your budget is limited,  you can always live on cider and galettes, the Breton crepe made of buckwheat and also suitable for those who cannot tolerate gluten.

If you have time ten km from Morlaix you can find the Cairn de Barnenez, a huge cemetery from the Neolithic times, the largest in Europe

How to get to Morlaix in France?

Well connected to Paris by train there are services from Gare Montparnasse. You can also get there from other French cities.



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