And the most expensive streets in England and Wales are?

The usual survey done by Halifax finds that the most expensive streets are all in London, nothing new to see here.
Again no surprises at finding out that the most expensive streets are in Kensington or Mayfair. Therefore in the top 10 all postcodes are either W or SW. 

It has been determined that Phillimore Gardens in the London borough of Kensington is the most expensive street in England and Wales. The average property price on this street is close to £24 million. Phillimore Gardens is located in the Kensington neighbourhood of London.

The neighbourhood of Phillimore Gardens, which is located in close proximity to Holland Park and Kensington High Street, has an average property price of £23.8 million.

Grosvenor Square, located in London’s Mayfair, was found to have the second highest average property price in the yearly research, coming in at £23.5 million.

Illchester Place, which is also located near Holland Park, came in third place since the average price of a property there is 17.7 million pounds.

In the top 20s there is only one street outside of London in its top 20 most expensive streets, and that street is located in the South East of England. In the neighbourhood of Titlarks Hill, located in Ascot, the typical purchase price is set at £12,318,000.


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