New festival in London: Higher Ground with Patti Smith

Higher Ground is a new festival at Alexandra Palace, this year with Patti Smith. The lineup includes songwriters, artists defying contemporary genre and sounds, it will be an exceptional event for music lovers around the world.

The festival is held on 22 July from 13: 00 and Tickets are on sale here Tickets will increase in price the closer the date gets.

Featuring a diverse range of DJ sets and seminars, this festival has something to offer for everyone. There are a number of workshops that might assist you in improving your musical understanding.

Patti Smith is not only a gifted songwriter and vocalist, but she has also established herself as a legendary figure for her boldness and imagination.

Smith’s first studio album, Horses, marked the beginning of their professional career. Street. Smith became well-known after releasing her debut album, which was full with post punk wrath and excellent rock tunes.

When it comes to her highly acclaimed and Mercury-nominated album Holiday Destination, Nadine Shah has never been more honest than she is now. Using her threatening indie rock to address a variety of political issues, she creates music that is both impassioned and appealing.

With its recognisable theatrical and folklore themes and SPELLLING’s seductive folk-inspired voice, the show is a natural fit for the audience. In terms of musical innovation, her new album Turning Wheel represents a watershed moment in the artist’s career, and it will be released in 2021.

With an updated indie-rock style, Connie Constance is a bluntly honest storyteller who creates music that truly portrays her personality and resists simplistic categorizations.

Nabihah’s first studio album. In his role as presenter of NTS, the recorded blends techno-house, ambient, and other unusual sounds with ethereal vocals. His aesthetic is a welcome change from the typical indie aesthetic.

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pub in the park

Return Pub in the Park 2022

For the uninitiated Pub in the Park is a cross between a musical festival and a open-air pub. You can eat, drink good beer and cider and listen to live music. The event was born to promote good pub food and therefore there are several chefs at work, they don’t want to offer only chips

red hot chilli peppers

Red Hot Chilli Peppers Concert Tickets

The stadium tour of 32 city will start at Estadio La Cartuja in Seville, Spain on June 4th 2022, with stops in London, Paris , Florence, Dublin, Los Angeles, Chicago, New York and many more before concluding at Globe Life Field in Arlington on 18 September. Tickets for Firenze Rocks where they will play in Italy

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Queen’s Art Collection Exhibition in London

Until the 31 January 2022 you will see the paintings that belong to the queen in an important exhibition. In fact, for the first time these masterpieces are found together in a public exhibition. They are generally only seen by those who visit Buckingham Palace to meet the Queen or for tourism in those few weeks a year when a small part


Guns N’Roses Concert Tickets

Gun N’Roses was supposed to play at the new Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London in May 2020, but the dates have been rescheduled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The band later confirmed that the London and Glasgow UK tour dates would be rescheduled for July 2022. Tickets for London and

Stonehenge exhibition at the British Museum from February 2022

Located in the Wiltshire countryside, Stonehenge is the most famous stone circle in the world. It has attracted tourists for centuries, but it is still unclear why this ancient structure was built or what it was used for. The charm of Stonehenge continues and this structure still has secrets to reveal. Do not

Wicked the musical £ tickets 24

This long-loved London musical returns on 23 in May after the end of the pandemic. Tickets can be found here. A reinterpretation inspired by the book of the Wizard of Oz which had a huge success with the public. He will be in London until at least 27 November 2022. The show lasts two hours and 45 minutes. Lo

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Tickets for Eagles concerts

The Eagles will play at Anfield Stadium in Liverpool on 20 June, at BT Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh on 22 June and at the American Express Presents at BST Hyde Park in London on 26 June. Special guests of BST Hyde Park include Robert Plant and Alison Krauss. There are also concerts in Dublin, but there are not in

XOYO Shoreditch

Tickets for the musical MAMMA MIA from 18 pounds

ABBA fans can go see this year the concert of their avatars or go to see Mamma Mia! at the theatre. Tickets for this musical are on sale now from £ 12 and so if you haven’t seen it yet, it might be the right time to do it. This production remains in London at least

XOYO Shoreditch

XOYO, nightclup, upcoming events and tickets

According to several rankings XOYO is one of the best night clubs in London. Of course these opinions are very subjective and while there is also that someone who has only negative things to say. XOYO is located in Shoreditch which is already something in its favor, in fact this neighborhood has many clubs and restaurants that for

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