Now we might have the dogs bed for humans

If you have envied your dog when he sleeps warm in his dogs bed, soon you will be able to be that cosy too.

Two Canadian students have created Plufl the dogs bed for men (and women). Plufl has already exceeded its funding target of $ 25.000 up Kickstarter , raising far more than requested by hundreds of supporters. Even if it costs $ 400, the Plufl already seems to have many admirers.

Noah Silverman and Yuki Kinoshita were inspired to build a dogs bed for humans after meeting the proprietors of Great Dane Coffee in Vancouver and their Great Dane, Lady. They decided that men should have a dogs bed.

The Plufl is considered to be more comfortable than your average dogs bed because of the memory foam cushioning and the reinforced edge that allows people to lay their heads on it. They added straps and a bag to each Plufl to make it easier to store or travel. As a result, it would also be a portable bed.

According to the official description, the broad edge of the cushion allows users to nest their hands and feet, providing a sense of security. This cushion is comprised of orthopaedic memory foam, which provides adequate support and comfort. Then don’t complain if your dog wants to sleep with you. 

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