Olivia Bax: Exploring Containment through Sculpture at the Southbank this spring

Olivia Bax is a London-based sculptor who has made headlines with her stunning pieces involving functional objects we see every day. Her unique artistic vision is to take everyday objects and transform them into beautiful and provocative sculptures. She does this by fitting her sketches to skeletal steel frames and then applying a hand-generated paper pulp made from recycled paper and unused interior paints. This process allows her to shape the work directly with color and create truly mesmerizing pieces of art.

Explore the Themes of Containment

One of the recurring themes that Bax explores in his work is containability. He references pockets, receptacles and balconies, all of which suggest ways of containing and supporting, challenging the juxtaposition between internal and external space. This exploration of containment can be seen in one of his best-known pieces, Monkey Cups, which is exhibited at the Southbank Center in collaboration with Standpoint and the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award.

Monkey Cups at Southbank until 21st May

Monkey Cups is a remarkable piece of sculpture comprising a series of vessels that snap into each other. You can see it free at Riverside Level 1 at Southbank until 21 May. Each pod needs the next for balance and support, and the shape allows the sculpture to be stored away like a Russian doll when not in use and to expand into its surroundings when installed. It’s a piece of work that challenges the way we think about encapsulation and how we interact with the world around us.

Standpoint and the Mark Tanner Sculpture Award

Standpoint is an artist-run gallery and art studio in Hoxton, London that focuses on supporting the work of emerging artists. With a diverse range of public programs, Standpoint aims to foster and explore a diverse range of conversations within the field of contemporary art practice. The Mark Tanner Sculpture Award is the UK’s premier award for emerging artists working in the field of sculpture. It rewards outstanding and innovative practice, with a particular interest in work that demonstrates a commitment to the process or a sensitivity to the material.

Olivia Bax’s work allows us to consider what lurks beneath the surface, what it means to exist in a physical space, and how it feels to experience emotion through color. It is a testament to her unique artistic vision of hers and her ability to create pieces that challenge our perception of the world around us.

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