Our connection to water: a cultural and spiritual analysis through art

Water is a vital resource, but for many it holds sacred significance. Beyond its uses for cleaning and drinking, water is central to many cultural and spiritual practices around the world. In this article we will explore how the show “Our Connection to Water” at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich brings together seven artists – Aya Mohamed, Artemis Evlogimenou, Dafe Oboro, Giya Makondo-Wills, JIUN Collective, Paul Malone and Seba Calfuqueo – to examine our human connection to water. Through photography, audio, film, illustration and installations, these artists share their perceptions and relationships with water and consider how it impacts their communities on social, cultural, environmental, emotional and spiritual levels.

The free exhibition “Our Connection to Water”

The ‘Our Connection to Water’ exhibition at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich is a collection of artworks that examine our relationship to water. Seven artists from around the world contributed to the exhibition, exploring how water is important to their cultures and daily lives.

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