Paolo Veronese, free virtual reality exhibition at the National Gallery

A rather innovative initiative that continues the series of ways to reinvent such we see art in museums and galleries. This initiative comes from the National Gallery and wants to show a painting by Paolo Veronese as it would have been seen in its original place, in this case in San Benedetto Po.

The painting by Paolo Veronese,” The consecration of St. Nicholas”, commissioned in 1561 was made on purpose to place it in the church of San Benedetto al Po, near Mantua.

Through the use of virtual reality, you are invited to see what it would look like state this painting in its original setting and discover the story of its creation.

When you put on the glasses, you will be inside an exact digital reconstruction of the church of San Benedetto al Po as it was then.

The experience is free and starts on March 7 and continues until April 3, you must book online here , still there are free tickets but they are leaving quickly, hurry up.

The original painting by Paolo Veronese is normally found and the National Gallery in London

 Paolo Veronese was a painter born in Verona who lived from 1528 to the 1588. He was noted for his use of color and his dramatic compositions.

Veronese’s paintings are full of movement and action, and often has represented scenes with symbolic meaning.

Paolo Veronese is one of the painters most famous of the Renaissance period. His paintings are characterized by the use of color and their dramatic compositions.

Address: National Gallery, Trafalgar Square, London

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