Peggy Porschen’s cupcakes in Belgravia and Chelsea

Peggy Porschen, in contrast to other well-known stores in London, has a very short history; it first opened its doors in 2003 and is currently owned and operated by Perry Porschen and her husband Bryn Morrow. Given the level of popularity that this business has achieved, it is one of London’s less best-kept secrets.

However, in a short period of time, it has gained widespread recognition, and it is constantly crowded. This shop’s fame is also due to the enthusiasm for it displayed by bloggers and on social media platforms such as Instagram.

And, after the success of the now-iconic shop in Belgravia, the company has created a second location, this time in Chelsea, which is less than two kilometres from the original location. The new shop is located at 219 King’s Road in the heart of London.

In this shop, you will find two delightful floors, including several rooms that have been particularly designed to appeal to the voracious audience of Eye Candy for Instagram users.

Breakfast is now available in the morning and snacks are available throughout the day, as well as cocktails in the evening, but it is also feasible to enjoy a complete meal.

In fact, the merchandise available at these establishments is quite photogenic. However, they also taste good. Peggy Porschen has written books and won awards for her cakes, when she launched the business, she was certainly not improvising.

The most famous view is taken from the entrance to the highly pink Peggy Porschen shop, which is situated on a street corner and is surrounded by gorgeous flowers. All of the items in this shop are absolutely adorable and also quite feminine.

It not only sells cupcakes, but it also sells cakes, and you may stop by for a cup of coffee or even a cup of tea. Pink (because, after all, why not?). Please note that this is not an inexpensive establishment; even a cupcake costs about £5, but it may be immortalised and shared through your social media networks. For those who cannot afford a cupcake, going to the front of the business and snapping a picture of the entryway would suffice.

Cake for one person only, cupcakes have been around for a long time, but they were only recently reintroduced in the United States, namely in New York City, in the 1990s, later they became popular in Europe. They have become trendy as a result of television shows such as Sex in the City. Some claim that Peggy Perschen is the greatest cupcake bakery in the world; we encourage you to visit and let us know what you think.

Ebury Street, number 116, is the location of the first business, which is not far from Victoria Station.

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