Pet Shop Boys Concert Tickets

Tickets are already on sale for the concerts of June 2023, will play at the OVO Arena in London , in Aberdeen, Leeds and Liverpool. Tickets are on  sale here.Chris Lowe and Neil Tennant make up the other half of the British synthpop trio known as the Pet Shop Boys. They earned a great deal of success in the 1980s and 1990s with songs such as “West End Girls” and “It’s A Sin.”

Although they are both located in the north of England, they did not know each other until they met in London, which is also where they established the group.

They have been acknowledged as pioneers in the realm of electronic music, and some music writers have branded a recognisable brand name “The Pet Shop Boys sound.”  It has been said that their music is “elevator music for the dance floor,” referring to the way that it combines rock instruments with pop tunes.

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