Piece of Mind, free exhibition at Somerset House

New free exhibition at Somerset House curated by Harlesden High Street, an art venue in London’s non-gentrified districts that promotes and offers tools for underrepresented artists, is on display. Find details here. The exhibition continues until 17 July 2022, it is not necessary to book to visit it.

Throughout the show, special emphasis is placed on the bedroom, which serves as a hub for a wide range of activities.

The exhibition aims to demonstrate how a setting that was previously intimate, private, and familiar may become progressively challenged by external pressures by abstractly conjuring an instance suspended inside the consciousness of an individual, a fictional worker of late capitalism.

In an age when our worlds are becoming increasingly intertwined, Piece of Mind investigates the difficulty of finding real rest or peace of mind. These blurred borders and segmented lifestyles have a psychological and architectural impact on our minds, which this episode investigates in detail.

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