Places in London to get a free or low cost haircut

There are many places in London where you can get a haircut free from hairdressers who are doing their internship or their last year of academia.

The results are generally excellent even if you have to be careful at the beginning to explain well what you do NOT want to be done to you.

If you give the green light, you run the risk of looking like someone from some fashion show (or carnival) which, even when done very well, is not always well received by certain employers. If you also want to have your hair dyed you will normally have to pay for the dye.

Although these cuts are free they are done in top salons or hairdressing schools and hairdressers in training are supervised by experienced hairdressers. Generally the results are excellent.

Where to get a free haircut in London?You can try Hari’s in the King’s Road which caters for both men and women and with any hair type, stick with the instructions here. They usually have very low prices.

We cannot fail to put Vidal Sassoon on the list, follow the instructions to book here. The result will generally be showy but that highlights your face well.

HOB offers low cost dyed cuts, follow instructions here to book you.

Sanrizz in Russell Square offers free cuts, all instructions they are found hereyou will find a telephone number to call

This Facebook group has many ideas and announcements to have a free cut or almost

You will always find announcements here of hairdressing school students offering free haircuts

For Gina Conway you have to fill out the form instead here

For Andre Jose Salon you have to follow the instructions instead here

To model for the London Hairdressing Academy you have to go here

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