Reframed exhibition: The Woman in the Window

The figure of a woman seated by a window appears in numerous works by artists of various time periods and styles, including Rembrandt and Hockney. Determine the extent to which she represents the female gender, as well as the visibility of women in each of these representations.

The exhibition “Reframed: The Woman in the Window” will be on display at the Dulwich Picture Gallery until September 4th. Tickets can be purchased by following this link.

In a current art exhibition, the theme of a woman sitting in front of a window is explored through a variety of historical eras and cultural contexts. He emphasises how these pieces have been used to elicit voyeurism or empathy from viewers. The British Museum will also contribute a number of antiques for display, in addition to sculptures, paintings, prints, and photographs. The exhibition includes a number of works, including Rembrandt’s Girl in the Window (1645), which was the inspiration for the exhibition. This piece can be found at the Dulwich Picture Gallery.

The artists featured in this exhibition range from the Flemish Golden Age to modern masters such as Pablo Picasso. The list of artists is as extensive as it is diverse.

Their work frequently discusses the many different ways in which a message can be presented, while exploring powerful and varied themes such as spectating, desire, and domesticity.

A special emphasis will be placed on the female artists who have reclaimed the motif as their own throughout history. In addition, there will be a special selection of works created during the coronavirus pandemic, which gave the motif a completely new meaning.

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