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Rosemary oil and memory; does it really work?

Traditionally, rosemary has been believed to be beneficial for memory enhancement, and many people advocate inhaling rosemary while studying.

The rumour that even rosemary may improve one’s memory by up to 75% has been spreading recently, but can we truly trust this?

I am convinced of the advantages of essential oils and plants in many circumstances and when used with caution, but I do not think that all possible miraculous cures are true in every instance. When it comes to chemotherapy effects, essential oils may be really beneficial, and many people use them to reduce their symptoms. However, we will never advocate that someone use essential oils or herbs to treat a malignant tumour or a cardiac condition.

Back to the subject of memory. Recently, the website attempted to disprove the idea that rosemary is associated with memory which increases by 75%. has been attempting to determine if particular news stories are real or untrue for years. Although, the article is lengthy and written in English, the main point is that the information originated from the British daily The Daily Mail, which is not especially well-known for the veracity of its reporting.

The original article discussed a study that shown that rosemary significantly improves memory by 75 percent. Although the research was completed, it attempted to determine whether a specific chemical component of rosemary oil improved memory.

In any event, there is no proof that rosemary oil is one of its chemical components, nor is there any evidence that fragrances may cause us to recall things that are not directly connected to the scent itself. In a word, we do not have clear proof that rosemary oil does not enhance memory, but we do not have conclusive evidence that it does improve memory, and we can surely rule out the idea that it boosts memory by 75%.

If you believe that smelling rosemary oil can aid your study efforts, go ahead and try it. However, don’t believe everything you learn on the internet at face value either. Frequently, this is not the case.

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