Rothmans cigarettes of London, an old success story

The tale of Rothman’s of Pall Mall is one of those that inspires and pushes everyone to think that everything is possible with hard work and enthusiasm. In 1890, Louis Rothman, aged twenty-one, acquired the lease on a little store on Fleet Street in London for £40 and worked hard to serve the local customers, primarily journalists and intellectuals.

Louis Rothman, who came from a tobacco-producing family in Ukraine, committed himself to the creation of handcrafted cigarettes using family skills, and his dedication and enthusiasm quickly paid off. His clientele developed quickly, and powerful men such as Lord Rothermere and Lord Northcliffe were among them. He established his first exhibition hall in Pall Mall, central London, in 1900, and earned a knighthood from the Spanish Queen five years later.

After World War I, Rothman and his son Sydney decided to expand their business and, with the purchase of a larger facility, began making Virginia brand cigarettes using production machines rather than artisanal processes. Three years after Louis Rothman’s death, the firm became public and flourished even more, eventually becoming one of the world’s largest cigarette makers.

The name Rothman’s of Pall Mall became synonymous with elegance and refinement, and the firm became famous for its unique delivery in a carriage drawn by two grey horses adorned in gold and scarlet that crisscrossed London’s streets. Rothman’s of Pall Mall is now a division of British American Tobacco, yet the brand remains synonymous with quality, elegance, and innovation.

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