Salemi, the village in Sicily that sells houses for 1 euro

Italian villages that sell houses for 1 euro have been around for a while and now we can add Salemi , a  Sicilian village located in the province of Trapani. It is found among the hills, vineyards and olive groves of the  Valle del Belice.

The mayor has launched the initiative wanting to redevelop the centre which has a long history. He has also launched a website where you can view and buy the properties.

The only commitment you must make when buying a property is to renovate the home purchased. Furthermore if you want to open a business you will get tax relief and up to 10k euros that you won’t have to repay.  .

Salemi is said to have arisen from the remains of the Elymian city of Halyciae where today you can still admire the splendid Norman-Swabian castle . Arriving here is like time travelling to the Middle Ages, thanks to the historic houses and buildings made of stone. There are also two Jewish quarters evidence that Salemi’s position has attracted lots of people throughout the ages.  Here they also bake bread sculptures with religious meanings. 


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