Sari exhibition at the Design Museum

There is a magnificent display of traditional Indian attire in surprising materials and interpretations at the Offbeat Sari al Design Museum. It alludes to the shifting position of the saree, which has served as a symbol of both ethnic pride and subjugation over its lengthy history. This exhibition, which explores its past and present, provides a unique glimpse into the many dimensions of this ageless garment.The exhibition runs from 19 May to 17 September at the Design Museum, tickets cost £12.60 and they are for sale here.

Many saris, including those constructed of steel worn by activists and manufactured by Indian master artisans, are on display during the show. Its variation emphasises the garment’s mobility, from the various ways in which the unstitched cloth may be wrapped about the body to its position as a garment, which is frequently viewed as both formal and casual, conventional or rebellious. The exhibition depicts the sari as an item of cultural progress.

The saree’s parallelism with modern Indian culture shows the multiple layers of Indian culture and society today, from younger generations who blend the old garment with sneakers to designers who utilise it as a canvas for creativity and invention. “The Offbeat Sari” investigates how a garment may be both a method of personal expression and a focal point of political protest on a broader scale. The show also includes unusual materials, the distribution of pre-draped saris, and design hybrids such as sari-gowns.

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