“Seeing Auschwitz”, the exhibition in London – tickets now on sale

Attend an exhibition that forces us to confront the reality of what we’re seeing by encouraging us to look beyond the visible evidence at Auschwitz. View over a hundred photographs, sketches, and narratives here: Investigate each image in minute detail and try to get beyond the perpetrator’s point of view to have a deeper understanding of the reality of Auschwitz.

It will be from October 2022 at 81 Old Brompton Rd, South Kensington, London SW7 3LD, you can buy your tickets here.

The exhibition called “Seeing Auschwitz” features one hundred images, sketches, and personal accounts from individuals who were present during the Holocaust and at Auschwitz. It analyses every photograph in great detail, takes a closer look at the people in front of and behind the camera lens, and asks perceptive questions about what each image actually tells about its subject. Visitors are challenged to consider what it means to understand the truth of Auschwitz in a way that goes beyond the perspective of the perpetrator, and to consider what this means for us in the present day.

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