Sister Ray, Soho's leading record store

Once upon a time, there were so many record stores in Soho that music fans might spend hours wandering from one to the next. But, with the advent of the internet, MP3 players, and Amazon, many of these stores have forced to close.

Sister Ray of Soho, on the other hand, has grown by purchasing another business in the area via Selectadis. Sister Ray is constantly busy and has an excellent range of vinyl, partially because of the current vinyl rebirth, and partly because youth nostalgia occurs to everyone. You can also buy and sell secondhand records, and the salesmen are quite educated.

Neil Brown established Sister Ray in 1989. Neil began selling records from a market stand in Camden before starting a business at 94 Berwick Street in Soho.

Sister Ray, named after a Velvet Underground song, swiftly became a Soho record shop mainstay.

If you don’t stop by Soho, at least visit the site which is interesting.

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